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GEOTERRA360, your innovative solution partner, taking you to the next level of business and research efficiency.


GEOTERRA360 uses state-of-the-art technology in combination with multiple spatial data inputs from numerous sources, including earth observation, to develop industry-leading information products that support decision-making in diverse fields of application, across the globe.

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Our Global Story


Years of trusted experience & expertise


Footprint in more than 60 countries


Footprint in over 4 Continents


Capturing annual agricultural statistics for more than 10 years


Capturing regional and global environmental data for more than 20 years

Sector Focus

GEOTERRA360 provides several industries with vital information.

These industries include but are not limited to banking, mining, insurance, agriculture, telecommunications industries, environmental, market research, and the scientific community.


GEOTERRA360 is using advanced technologies that have been developed for more than two decades to determine the area of crop types from satellite imagery, estimating land suitability, performing terrain analysis and developing top-class precision farming tools for agricultural management.

Field level intelligence provides our clients with early detection to anticipate crop stress and prevent unnecessary loss of income.

GeoFarmer Platform

Drought Monitoring

WaterSphere360 is a drought monitoring dashboard that provides monthly intelligence on the current and historical status of water resources across a landscape; in order to monitor and quantify drought conditions. The drought dashboard is a globally scalable service that can be rapidly implemented over new target areas, and uniquely, operates using satellite-only data inputs without the need for support from ground-based instrumentation or measurements.

Natural Resources

GEOTERRA360 provides a wide range of environmental and conservation-focused services, across the globe, using a comprehensive suite of Earth Observation technologies, satellite imagery and spatial modelling. 

Analyses-ready intelligence is available for multiple applications within the environmental sector, as  landscape classification and quantification of different land use and land cover features including time series, change detection and growth monitoring. 

Sustainable Development

GEOTERRA360  provides a wide range of geospatial information products and services that can support the information requirements of many of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals and the associated Geospatial Information Management agenda.


GEOTERRA360 offers a wide range of industry-focussed, geo-spatial tools, off-the-shelf spatial datasets and modelling services to the telecommunications sector.  Capabilities include a range of mobile and fibre network planning and marketing intelligence products.

Intelligence for Telecom planning

Survey Solutions

GEOTERRA360 has developed innovative and modern technological methodologies and algorithms to maintain a multi-variable sampling frame, including geospatial aspects of population demographics, which can be used as a foundation to design and prepare sample surveys.

Retail & FMCG

With our data and insights, we are able to assist this sector by ensuring that return on investment is optimized through an improved market strategy, site selection, competitor comparisons, and identifying risks and opportunities to pro-actively address the change.

Retail Intelligence for Africa

Insurance & Finance

By combining multiple information sources, using various technological developments for disruptive solutions, GEOTERRA360 provides clients with actionable intelligence through comprehensive spatial solutions.

Decision ready


Spatial Modelling

Non spatial modeling techniques and statistical modeling techniques are frequently used with spatial modeling to provide insight into data and to model and predict various processes, such as income levels, population, traffic flow behavior, land use change, water demand and risk indexes.

Earth Observation

GEOTERRA360 has a well-established, proven operational capacity for utilising Earth Observation imagery for a wide range of monitoring and analytical applications in support of end-user focused information and decision support.

Water volume monitoring platform

Urban Planning

GEOTERRA360 specializes in providing up to date and reliable data, key understanding and addressing the complexities of cities and their regions. Through generating pivotal urban-related data, we empower clients to create a relevant factual basis for understanding and planning cities and regions.

Utilities & Services

Through its advanced demographic, livability and land use data GEOTERRA360 provides essential data instrumental to government institutions, planners and engineers to determine the future demand, existing capabilities and backlogs in infrastructure and service delivery systems.

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

What sets us apart?

At GEOTERRA360, we pride ourselves in making a difference at all levels of society with the innovative use of earth observation and multi-sourced data inputs, in our proprietary models and algorithms. This integrated approach helps us create solutions to assist various sectors of the economy to enhance business intelligence and decision making.

GEOTERRA360 integrates big data from numerous other resources into spatial information products through the extensive use of specialized algorithms, machine learning, artificial intelligence and data sciences. Cutting edge technology enables GEOTERRA360 to provide commercially accessible, up-to-date spatial data in numerous application fields, with near real-time information.

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